Project No. 63-705
Rehabilitation of Bridge Nos. 03367 & 03368 I-84 over New Park Avenue, AMTRAK, CTFASTRACK, & SR504 in the City of Hartford

Project No. 63-692
Rehabilitation of Dutch Point Viaduct in the City of Hartford

Project No. 174-402
Beam end Repair and Bearing Replacement. District 4 in the towns of Middlebury, Southbury, and Thomaston

Project No. 158-207/211
Rehabilitation of the Meritt Parkway in the towns of Westport and Fairfield

Project No. 126-170
Commodore Hull Bridge Painting and Repairs

New Project No. 102-348
Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00059 I-95 over Norwalk River – Yankee Doodle Bridge in the Town of Norwalk.

New Project No. 135-325
Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 00037 U.S. Route 1 over I-95 in town of Stamford

New Project No. 156-180
Pavement Preservation on I-95 in the Towns of Orange and West Haven

New Project No. 63-703 & 159-191
Relocation of I-91 NB Interchange 29 and Widening of I-91 NB and Route 5/15 NB to I-84 EB & Resurfacing and Safety Improvements on I-91 in the Town(s)/City of Wethersfield and Hartford

New Project No. 88-187
Rehabilitation of Bridge Nos. 03912 and 03913 Route 71over Local Roads, CT Fastrack, RR and Route 72 in the Town of New Britain.

New Project No. 96-200
I-84 Resurfacing, Bridge Rehabilitation and Safety Improvements in the Town of Newtown

New Project No. 63-707
Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 01686A I-84 EB & WB over Market Street and Bridge No. 06048 I-84 WB off Ramp to Market Street in the city of Hartford.

New Project No. 999-001
Installation or repair of catch basins, pipe and drainage facilities, pavement restoration, and associated miscellaneous work for the “RECONSTRUCTION VARIOUS ROADS” project, in the town of Torrington

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